InSight Telepsychiatry and Mental Health America have worked together on #B4Stage4, a new campaign that promotes identifying and treating mental illnesses before they reach the oftentimes dangerous Stage 4. From this collaboration comes a video that highlights the benefits of Inpathy, InSight’s new online behavioral health care marketplace.



Alexandria, VA- InSight recently collaborated with Mental Health America on a new initiative called #B4Stage4, a campaign which focuses on early identification and intervention of mental health conditions.

From this collaboration comes the #B4Stage4 video, an extensive news-style program that contains both interviews from influential figures in the behavioral health industry and profiles on the leading organizations in the field.

The program first aired at the Mental Health America’s 2015 Conference and features Inpathy the new online behavioral health care marketplace by InSight. Currently serving more than 150 sites across the nation with a team of over 200 psychiatric prescribers, InSight Telepsychiatry has been practicing since 1999 and is considered the leading national telepsychiatry service provider company. Inpathy is a marketplace for connecting individuals with behavioral health care providers for online sessions.

The video features InSight’s Medical Director Jim Varrell and Executive Director Geoffrey Boyce discussing the benefits of connecting behavioral health care with technology. Varrell, cofounder of InSight, has found that“the human connection made during online sessions is identical in nature to those made during in-person appointments.” Jeanine Miles, a provider on Inpathy, echoes this sentiment.

“I really see the same relationship as I would in an office,” Miles said. “We still work on changing behaviors and increasing self-awareness to bring about positive change and that happens whether it’s in person in the office or through Inpathy.”

“Inpathy gives individuals more choice in who they’re working with, said Geoffrey Boyce, InSight’s Executive Director of InSight. “It’s giving consumers more voice to be engaged in the overall therapeutic process and giving them the ability to work with a provider that they feel good about in an environment and setting where they feel comfortable.”

Inpathy allows individuals to conveniently access providers who fit their personal needs in the comfort of their own home, while serving as a part of the solution to common issues like the national shortage of behavioral health providers, unavailability of specialists or the stigma on receiving treatment.

InSight and Mental Health America came together for the #B4Stage4 campaign to address the warning signs of mental illnesses before individuals enter into Stage 4, the stage of mental health that has potential to turn into a crisis event.

Paul Gionfriddo, Mental Health America CEO describes the campaign as “not just a title or a hashtag,” but instead a movement to address mental health in a more effective way. Gionfriddo believes that, similar to the way other medical diseases are treated, mental health symptoms should be identified early, treated and met with appropriate course of action on a path towards overall health.

Inpathy, and its directory of diverse, licensed providers, is a way for consumers to receive early identification and treatment, expanding the consumer’s access to behavioral health care while preventing the potential for crisis. Both InSight and Mental Health America are committed to catching mental illnesses before they enter stage 4.