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Join us in the national discussion as we increase awareness for mental wellness of mental health care professionals! If you are active on social media, help spread the message by sharing these social media posts on your pages.


General Social Media Messages

    • I’m joining @InSightTelepsych and @Inpathy in the nationwide effort to increase awareness about the importance of mental wellness for mental health professionals #StartsWithUs
    • 67% of mental health workers may be experiencing high levels of burnout. It’s important for these professionals to take care of their mental wellness, as they provide care for those living with mental health conditions. #StartsWithUs
    • Mental health care professionals are just as likely to have mental disorders as other individuals. @InSightTelepsych and @Inpathy are leading the national discussion to increase awareness of mental wellness for mental health professionals #StartsWithUs

A study from the University of Pittsburgh found that women who don't speak up in their intimate relationships are at a higher risk for heart disease. Learn more about the impact of self-silencing on heart health.

Executive function plays an important role in our mental health and capacity to get things done. But did you know it starts emerging in children as young as 2 or 3 years old?

We all hear about the importance of self-care. But, how exactly do we start to really nurture our physical and mental well being? Here are 45 ideas to get you started. Even clicking on the link can be a form of self-care!

National Depression Screening Day is a campaign that hosts depression screening events to promote awareness of mental health resources and screening tools available to everyone. No one deserves to suffer in silence. https://t.co/SJUtD8qXpH

This week marks Mental Illness Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10. This year’s focus is on suicide prevention. Learn more about how you can get involved. #WorldMentalHealthDay https://t.co/SCjYTf0Fsq

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