Social Media Messaging

Join us in the national discussion as we increase awareness for mental wellness of mental health care professionals! If you are active on social media, help spread the message by sharing these social media posts on your pages.


General Social Media Messages

    • I’m joining @InSightTelepsych and @Inpathy in the nationwide effort to increase awareness about the importance of mental wellness for mental health professionals #StartsWithUs
    • 67% of mental health workers may be experiencing high levels of burnout. It’s important for these professionals to take care of their mental wellness, as they provide care for those living with mental health conditions. #StartsWithUs
    • Mental health care professionals are just as likely to have mental disorders as other individuals. @InSightTelepsych and @Inpathy are leading the national discussion to increase awareness of mental wellness for mental health professionals #StartsWithUs

Read these powerful stories of individuals who were overwhelmed by fear and depression and turned to Inpathy to help them navigate the emotional impact of these challenging times. Hopefully these will empower anyone who may be struggling to seek help. https://hubs.ly/H0qKC1F0

Join the worldwide virtual event scheduled for the week of May 18th and flood social media with self-care tips, healthy habits, resources and stories to encourage emotional well-being and help others who may be struggling. https://hubs.ly/H0q7xh80

Curb your loneliness during quarantine with these strategies to connect with others, explore a new interest, learn a new skill, express your creativity, resurrect a hobby, rekindle lapsed friendships and volunteer virtually.

Many us are experiencing loneliness, depression, feelings of helplessness and fear for our own well-being and safety as well as that of our loved ones. Telebehavioral health can help all of us navigate the emotional impact of these challenging times. https://hubs.ly/H0pK2rC0

Virtual visits with Inpathy makes it easier for individuals to get the help they need without risk of exposure, when and where it works for them, with licensed therapy and psychiatry providers. Need to talk? We can help. https://hubs.ly/H0nNXXB0

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