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Join us in the national discussion as we increase awareness for mental wellness of mental health care professionals! If you are active on social media, help spread the message by sharing these social media posts on your pages.


General Social Media Messages

    • I’m joining @InSightTelepsych and @Inpathy in the nationwide effort to increase awareness about the importance of mental wellness for mental health professionals #StartsWithUs
    • 67% of mental health workers may be experiencing high levels of burnout. It’s important for these professionals to take care of their mental wellness, as they provide care for those living with mental health conditions. #StartsWithUs
    • Mental health care professionals are just as likely to have mental disorders as other individuals. @InSightTelepsych and @Inpathy are leading the national discussion to increase awareness of mental wellness for mental health professionals #StartsWithUs

What is your greatest fear? Is it making a speech in front of a large audience? Is it appearing incompetent? Is it a phobia of heights or spiders? Let's face it, everyone experiences fear. Fortunately, there are effective ways to overcome fears. https://t.co/2ButpoC0a0

Both clinical research and patient feedback show that telehealth is comparable to in-person mental health care services. It also offers shorter wait times and less travel to appointments. Read one patient’s description of their experience with Inpathy!

We all experience highs and lows when it comes to self-esteem. But, there can be ways to combat low self-esteem with a bit of daily practice. Here are five lasting ways to manage healthy self-esteem according to mental health experts. https://t.co/cKbdorTHGH

This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week, and there’s one place that kindness is often overlooked: the office. We are often more concerned with productivity than satisfaction, and professionalism that often translates to a decrease in personalization. https://t.co/zDds0Awsy3

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Not only do unexpected acts of kindness bring happiness to the people around you, but also to yourself. Learn more about random acts of kindness and what you can do to contribute. https://t.co/Q0D2aKJhbU

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