Online Mental Health Counseling

Empower Individual Well-Being

Behavioral health is an important part of a persons’ overall well-being, but many people neglect it due to scheduling, transportation, or mobility issues. In fact, mental health care has been identified as one of the biggest unmet needs of our time, with nearly one in two people in the U.S. expected to experience depression, anxiety, or other mental illness during their lifetime, according to Scientific American.

Inpathy eliminates traditional barriers to care like distance and availability. Access to behavioral health care is simplified with an online connection that is convenient and appropriate. Finding the right provider, instead of the closest, can be a vital component of successful treatment that empowers individuals to take control of their personal wellness.

Telepsychiatry Mental Health Service

With Inpathy, our online mental health services for wellness organizations allows our partners to:

  • Improve individuals’ access to services from any private space
  • Access a large network of qualified behavioral health providers
  • Ensure timely appointments
  • Offer short- and long-term care options
  • Deliver secure, HIPAA-compliant services


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