Online Mental Health Programs

Grow Your Network

Inpathy offers customized telebehavioral health services to payers interested in using a large network of behavioral health providers, internal infrastructure and telebehavioral health industry expertise.

With telebehavioral health, payers can reach rural members as well as meet the needs of members who want on-demand access to quality care. These services not only improve member retention and loyalty but also save money. Telebehavioral health costs less than in-person visits, increases appropriate treatment and adherence to treatment plans, and reduces expensive emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

With flexible scheduling and convenient online appointments, members are able to more easily access psychiatrists and other behavioral health providers who most closely fit their needs.

By supporting a wide array of services that incorporate both physical and mental health, payers can promote comprehensive, whole-person care that offers members more choices and more control in their health care.

Online Behavioral Health for Payer Organizations

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve outcomes
  • Reduce ED/Urgent Care visits and hospitalizations
  • Utilize delegated credentialing
  • Improve member access to services from any private space
  • Access a large network of qualified behavioral health providers
  • Ensure timely appointments
  • Offer short- and long-term care options
  • Deliver secure, HIPAA-compliant services


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