Post Discharge: Stop the Revolving Door

Hospitals and inpatient residential programs are required to make sure individuals leaving their facility have a follow up care options. Inpathy helps ensure a seamless care transition with proactive post-discharge outreach. Our Care Navigators reach out to referred patients, determine the appropriate provider type, assist with scheduling sessions and track contact. Inpathy also creates a report of referred patients’ activity and follows up with the referring organization on a regular basis.

Inpathy could be a good match for individuals transitioning from partial-hospitalization or outpatient programs. For those patients who live far away or are unlikely to comply with referrals to an in-person provider, Inpathy is a high-quality referral option. It’s often easier for patients to comply with follow-up and fit behavioral health care in when they can do sessions from home.

With Inpathy, individuals who saw an InSight telepsychiatry provider may even have the option to maintain continuity of care with that same provider from home.

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