Inpathy private practice connects behavioral health care providers and consumers through a secure, user-friendly and HIPAA-compliant online system. Inpathy private practice empowers independent providers to expand the scope and efficacy of their behavioral health services, and offers them the flexibility of running their online practice their own way.

After picking an Inpathy membership level that best fits their needs, providers participate in an onboarding process that includes specific training on the Inpathy system and best practices for telebehavioral health. Providers can then set up a profile on the Inpathy directory and establish their own rates, schedules and policies. Consumers can search for providers who offer online sessions through Inpathy’s public directory or access a provider’s specific profile through other marketing campaigns. Once a consumer finds a provider who fits their needs and notifies the provider of their interest in booking an online session, the provider has the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to accept the new consumer.

How it Works

Inpathy users only need access to a computer with a web camera and strong, reliable internet to connect to an online session.

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Once the first session is booked, a provider can send secure messages, intake forms, assessments and other resources to the consumer before and between appointments.

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Both consumers and providers log in to Inpathy at their appointment time and conduct the session through secure online video calls.

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After a session, a provider bills the consumer’s confirmed payment method. Both the provider and the consumer have the option to take a post-session survey evaluating call and service quality.

Inpathy memberships offer a number of add-on tools and benefits for providers as well as discounts for group memberships. Specific features include:

  • Secure video calls
  • Online directory listing
  • Online scheduling
  • Basic documentation
  • Billing and payment processing
  • Secure messaging
  • Optional ePrescribing add-on
  • Optional marketing services

Choose the Plan That Best Fits Your Needs

Inpathy’s private practice model offers a number of membership levels that make it easy for any provider to start practicing telebehavioral health online. Pick the membership level below that best fits your needs for sessions, support and additional features. Inpathy private practice offers group discounts for groups of providers who want to join together. Contact us to learn more.

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