Digital Therapy Services

Our convenient, secure online video calls make it easy to access a therapy or psychiatry provider at home or any other private space. Whether you’re looking for a one-time assessment or long-term services, we offer a wide range of psychiatric, behavioral, and mental telehealth services to fit your needs:

Online Psychiatric Assessments

If you have a difficult or lengthy history of mental illness or need a diagnosis for legal reasons, we can help. Our psychiatry providers offer assessments that are medical in nature and cover your physical, behavioral, and cognitive histories. Based on the assessments, your psychiatry provider can make an initial diagnosis (if appropriate) and prescribe medications or other therapies to treat the condition.

Talk Therapy

When living with depression, anxiety disorders or other potentially long-term problems, having consistent care is essential. Our behavioral health providers are available for regularly scheduled talk therapy sessions with you from the comfort of your own home.

Online Psychiatrist Prescription Management

Medication regimens take time and thoughtful consideration. Finding the right dosage, time of day, and type of medication can mean meeting with a psychiatric prescriber regularly for months. Skip the frustrating commute and waiting room by having your med management sessions online from the comfort of home or another private setting.

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