We help you get the very best, most appropriate psychiatric, behavioral or mental health care you need. All of our therapy and psychiatry providers are licensed, experienced and thoroughly screened. Our providers are trained in telebehavioral health and many have interests and expertise in specialty areas, including LGBTQ counseling, men’s issues and ADHD.

Types of Providers

Choosing the right provider is important for the best possible treatment. Some of the behavioral health professionals who might meet your needs include:

Psychiatrists (MDs, DOs)

Psychiatrists are medical doctors with specialized training in mental and behavioral health, including substance use disorders. This training means they are able to diagnose underlying medical conditions which may have gone undetected. Psychiatrists are licensed to prescribe medication and practice talk therapy. People seek help from a psychiatrist for many reasons, including long-term feelings of sadness, hopelessness or other problems that may be interfering with everyday life.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (Psych NPs)

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners do many of the same things a psychiatrist does. They are trained to evaluate and treat individuals with an array of needs, including serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and major depression. Also like psychiatrists, they are licensed to prescribe and monitor medication and talk therapy.

Therapists and Counselors (LCSWs, LPCs, LMFTs)

Therapists and counselors are professionals who are licensed to practice psychotherapy and other therapeutic techniques. While they do not prescribe medication to individuals, and most do not offer formal diagnoses, they are trained to help you cope with behavioral health issues and change behavior patterns that may be harmful or preventing you from living your healthiest life.

Psychologists (PhDs, PsyDs)

Practicing psychologists are trained to help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health problems. While many seek a psychologist to talk through problems, psychologists are also trained to administer and interpret assessments to help evaluate the way an individual thinks, feels and behaves. Psychologists are not able to prescribe medications in most states.

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If you have questions or experience any difficulties finding a provider, contact one of our Care Navigators at care@inpathy.com or call 1.800.442.8938. They will match you with a provider who best fits your needs.

Meet Some of Our Providers

Carly Silipino, LCSW

Mohammed Mazharuddin, MD

Michelle Kaplan, MD

Chris Rushton, LCSW