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    Stephanie Nicolas, LMHC

    Stephanie Nicolas is a licensed mental health counselor offering services to adult residents in New York. She has a variety of clinical interests; however, she specializes in college students, disability and mobility, life transitions, anxiety disorders and wellness and health promotion.  In her practice, Stephanie’s approach is to allow clients to tell their stories and tap into their individual strengths to overcome life challengesStephanie believes in the inherent human capacity for self-healing. By building a collaborative relationship, she striveto empower individuals to use their unique abilities and positive character traits to help facilitate the healing process so clients can achieve their life goals. She advocates for mental health education and self-education as therapy is an intense curriculum in oneself. 

    Stephanie’s interest in mental and behavioral health care stems from her long-time interest in psychology, the mind and the brain. In college, she pursued medicine and thought that she was going to become a doctor. However, during her undergraduate years, she became severely depressed and her grades suffered terribly to the point where she was at risk of expulsion. She decided to change her major and studied psychology insteadAfter graduation, she received her degree in counseling and has never looked back. 

    Stephanie has published a children’s book. She’s the oldest of three and orange is her favorite color. 

    “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.” - Lao-Tzu 

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