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    Melissa Rolfes, LPC

    Melissa Rolfes, LPC is a licensed professional counselor offering services to adolescent and adult residents in Virginia. She has a wide range of clinical interests; however, her specializations are anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorderMelissa’s philosophy of care is that each of us, at our core, are good. She believes we do the best we can with what we have, and when we know better, we will do better. She believes the best therapeutic approach is to meet people where they are, without judgement or imposing her own worldview, and then the techniques and interventions flow naturally from there. She does not focus on diagnoses; instead her goal is to reduce symptoms, increase functioning, and improve quality of life. 

    Melissa’s interest in mental and behavioral health care began when she was six years old when her parents took her to a therapist because they were getting divorced. She remembers thinking how incredible it was that the lady got paid to color and play ping pong with her. She decided then that she would be a therapist when she grew up. Later, through a series of formative life experiences from late childhood into early adulthood, despite developing and maintaining strong curiosity about human cognition and behavior, she lost sight of her “childish” career goals. Eventually she made it to college, and during undergraduate she studied Eastern Religion and Biopsychology. She was in love with these fields, but didn’t see a career in either of them, so she decided to get her master’s degree in counseling and pursue her LPC. Looking back, she finds it beautiful that, after taking so many detours and pitstops along the way, she landed in the general vicinity of where six-year-old Melissa hoped to be one day. 

    Melissa's favorite place to be is in her kayak. She is an amateur porch gardener and in a past life helped start a microbrewery. 

    "And so it goes" -Kurt Vonnegut 

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