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    Lubna Grewal, MD

    Lubna Grewal, MD is a board-certified psychiatrist offering services to adult residents in Colorado. She has a vast array of clinical interests; however, she specializes in anxiety disorders, mood disorders, depression, self-esteem issues, attachment disorders and personality disorders. In her practice, Lubna’s  known for an honest, thorough approach to patient care. She believes diagnosis is a fluid process, that cannot be arrived at without a thorough understanding of someone's life story. 

    Psychiatry was easily Lubna’s most natural fit during medical school.  She chose to pursue a career in it because, while every area of medicine benefits from good doctor-patient relationships, psychiatry so deeply relies on it for effective outcomes. And patients are her favorite part of practice! 

    Lubna finds furry friends to be the best ones. Shhas two loving yet ferocious cats and is in the process of adding a pup to the household. She thinks that great company is always enhanced by well-made food; no vacation, night out, or night in is complete without the joy of stimulating taste buds! Lubna is also an apprehensive novice skier. 

    “The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” - Henry David Thoreau 


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      Medication Management