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Laura York, LCSW

    Laura York, LCSW

    Laura York, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker offering services to residents of all ages who live in the state of CA. She has expertise in the use of solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, life skills coaching, humanistic therapy and experiential therapy. Laura’s philosophy is to empower the client by giving them the tools, coping skills and education to work through their struggles. She always aims for them to come out of treatment with increased self-esteem and self-awareness along with a positive outlook on their respective futures.

    Laura has been in the clinical field for over 17 years, with a significant portion of that dedicated to working in schools. What she enjoys most about her profession is getting to know the core and depth of her clients, which leads to an appreciation and understanding of humanity. In her personal life, Laura values personal integrity, a positive outlook on life and trust in all relationships. She uses hot yoga as a tool for her own personal growth, both spiritually and physically, while also using it to lower her level of stress. Laura also enjoys traveling and meeting as many new people as possible to learn about cultures of all kinds.

    Prescribes Medication: No

    Age Range: All Ages

    Specialties: Mood Disorders, Parenting, Relationships, Anxiety and Depression, Career Guidance, Effective Communication, Anger Management, Wellness and Health Promotion, PMS, Post-Partum Depression, Stress Management, Life Coaching, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Disorders, ADHD (adult), ADHD (child and adolescent), Autism spectrum disorders (adult), Autism spectrum disorders (child and adolescent), Child and Adolescent Therapy, Conduct Disorder, Depression, Developmental Disability, Divorce, Geriatric Therapy, Homebound Illness, Oppositional-defiant Disorder, Play Therapy (child and adolescent), Separation Anxiety Disorder, Trauma and Abuse, Grief Counseling, Eating Disorder, Men's Issues and Health, Women's Issues and Health, Marriage and Relationship Counseling

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      0-17, 18+

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