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    Jasmine DeGuzman, LMFT

    Jasmine DeGuzman is a licensed marriage and family therapist offering services to adolescent and adult residents in California. She has a variety of clinical interests; however, she has worked extensively with those suffering from post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, sadness and with couples and families suffering from relationship concerns. In her practice, Jasmine’s approach is unique, personal and tailored to each client's personality and situation. Throughout her career she has had the opportunity to explore various therapeutic and educational work settings. These experiences facilitated her development as a more supportive, empathic and effective leader within her community and among the people she serves. 

    Jasmine finds that one of the most fulfilling aspects of working in the mental and behavioral health field is being able to provide support to others during the most challenging moments in their lives. She believes that her career provides her the privilege of offering compassion, inspiring hope, and teaching others the necessary skills required to overcome their current circumstances. Furthermore, she continues to be inspired by interactions with others from a variety of cultural backgrounds and has developed a strong passion for helping others who might not otherwise receive the support they desire. 

    Jasmine loves chocolate. She loves to go on long hikes and go campingand enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends. 

    "Keep going everything comes to you at the right time...” - Unknown 

    “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear...” - Robert Ludlum 

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