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    Heather Altman, LPC

    Heather Altman, LPC is a licensed professional counselor offering services to children, adolescent and adult residents in New Jersey. She has a vast array of clinical interests; however, her specializations include family therapy, women’s issues and health, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In her practice, Heather believes in taking a whole person approach to counseling. Everything we do, or don’t do, in life impacts our life domains. She believes it is important to look at all aspects of life to see how it may impact overall sense of health and well-being. Healther likes to incorporate, when possible, holistic care into a treatment plan to help individuals become healthy in mind, body and spirit.

    When in college, Heather volunteered on a crisis hotline for crime victims and later ran a teen suicide prevention hotline. After college, she began working with survivors of sexual assault on a local military installation. This work was the catalyst for her to pursue a career in counseling. 

    Heather was a mental health first responder at the Pentagon on 9/11 and is a single mother who raised three children on her own, one of whom has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Additionally, Heather is a breast cancer survivor.

    Prescribes Medication: No

    Age Range: 5-65+

    Specialties: Family Therapy, Child and Adolescent Therapy, Women's Issues and Health, ADHD (child and adolescent)

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      0-17, 18+

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