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    David Sobel, LCSW

    David Sobel is a licensed clinical social worker offering services to adult residents in CaliforniaHe has a variety of clinical interests; however, he specializes in life transitions, marriage and relationship counseling, career counseling, trauma and abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and group and geriatric therapy. His counseling style is relaxed, accepting, client-focused and nonjudgmentalHuses treatment techniques such as visualization, hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, psychodynamic and humanistic interventions. David helps clients reach the desired goals they set for themselves by focusing on their existing strengths and coping skills. He believes the toughest part of therapy is realizing that you need professional help 

    David’s interest in mental and behavioral healthcare stems from family experiencesDue to his immediate family having a history of mental health issues, he developed a passion for helping others and has been a mental health professional for more than 30 years. 

    David likes to travel. He loves to eat all kinds of food - the more exotic the better. He loves to cook and has taught sushi classes in the past. 

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