Why should I join? January 31, 2017

By transforming how individuals access care, Inpathy is bringing behavioral health care services to new people and communities. Test out telebehavioral health and discover new growth opportunities. Backed by InSight, the largest telepsychiatry provider with nearly 20 years of experience, Inpathy offers guaranteed income and support. Other benefits include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Ability to work from home
  • Opportunities to extend your practice
  • Full clinical, administrative and technical support

Where do Inpathy consumers come from?

The Inpathy business development team works hard to establish relationships and promote our telebehavioral health providers. We partner with a number of major private-payer health plans to bring consumers to Inpathy. In addition, we leverage InSight’s relationships with numerous organizations such as hospitals, clinics, primary care offices and correctional facilities to grow referrals and expand opportunities.

What support is available?

The support Inpathy offers providers is paralleled to traditional brick and mortar behavioral health. Support includes:

  • Medical affairs support for credentialing and paneling
  • Practice administration for organizational support including scheduling, billing and paperwork support
  • Clinical leadership for telebehavioral training and ongoing support
  • Technology experts for training on the Inpathy online toolkit and around the clock support
  • Quality assurance team to conduct provider, partner and consumer quality checks, do chart reviews and lead process improvement initiatives
  • Business development, marketing and sales associates responsible for building a consumer base
  • Provider engagement to facilitate peer to peer connections and continuing education opportunities

What is required of a provider?

Inpathy providers commit to working a minimum of 40 scheduled hours per month. Providers can set their own schedule of availability, with flexible hours between 7 am and 11 pm seven days per week. Inpathy providers will join as 1099 independent contractors and go through the provider onboarding process before seeing consumers on Inpathy. The onboarding process includes being paneled with insurance payers under Inpathy's NPI. It also includes training sessions to get providers comfortable with telehealth and acclimated to Inpathy's clinical standards.

What types of providers can join?

Inpathy hires licensed behavioral health providers including therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychiatrists.